Home is where the heart is

Home is where the heart is, Home is where the hurt is, Homing Desire
13 May - 23 June 2006
Jungstr. 18
60486 Frankfurt am Main

'Home is where the heart is' is the first of three exhibitions showing site-specific works by Ioan Godeanu, Tamara Henderson, Denise Mawila, Anna Ostoya, and Giovanna Sarti in the staged domestic setting of 'Home'. Continuing with ideas surrounding home and dispersion, the exhibitions 'home is where the hurt is' and 'homing desire' will follow this year.

Where is the home? What are the conditions of its location? How can the concepts of diaspora and diasporic space offer new forms for understanding identity?
(Avtar Brah 1996) In what ways does housing the home have to do with homing desire?

The following exhibit titled 'home is where the hurt is' will look at the individual within the context of society in respect to concepts of identity and home. Friction causing social and cultural exclusions and tensions based on one's identity will be of focus. What does society expected of us? How does my self-image coincide with society at large?

The final exhibition for 2005 will be a retrospective of the first two and will focus specifically on the concept of 'homing desire' (Avtar Brah). The desire and drive to be located, centered, anchored will be critically investigated and questioned. Identity again entails fluid transitions, exchanges, and interconnectedness. The subject may find itself beyond desire or nostalgia for fixity. Yet fixed routes exist, such as repetition, cyclical moves, and rhythmical displacement. Locating and creating new myths with imagination could offer new understanding of identity. (Rosi Braidotti. "Nomadic Subjects." Embodiment & Sexual Difference in Contemporary Feminist Theory. New York 1994, p. 1 - 39)