8 August – 13 September 2008
Hohenstaufenstr. 13 - 25
60327 Frankfurt am Main

The first Homebodies exhibition opens the 8th of August 2008 and runs until the 13th of September 2008 at Atelierfrankfurt, Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Francisca Bancalari (Argentina), Ola Bielas (Poland), Keren Cytter (Israel), Teresa Gillespie (UK), Jonas Jensen (Denmark), Dirk Krecker (Germany), and Charlotte F. Smith (UK), have materialized works independently and or dependently within the Homebodies framework created by Annabelle von Girsewald. The sculptural and audio installations, videos, and textual based works investigate alienation and displacement in relation to the concept 'home'.

Keren Cytter, Nothing, 2003                                            |                                Teresa Gillespie, From where to where, 2008

Dirk Krecker, Psy border pitch 2 (we don't kill people we erase grids), 2008                   |                  Francisca Bancalari, Quiet Room, 2007
Jonas Jensen, Investigation of possible expierences from a ROOM: Nr. 7, 2008

Press FAZ 10.09.2008