Bakery IV, Agora

The Bakery IV

Everything Under the Sun
11 July, 2015 at 2pm
Agora Collective
Mittelweg 50, 12053 Berlin

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s collaborative artistic project The Bakery hits its fourth edition with a special focus on the direct and indirect impact of the climate change. The Bakery IV is closely linked to the transformation of wheat, flour, bread and the human body. It is a total hands​on edible discussion platform dwelling upon the reflexive issues of human’s modification, the transformation of wheat and the nutrition industry, and the nutrition’s capacity to transform and adapt to the human body. Keeping this bodily cyclical transformation of the wheat crops and the human body on an equal level, The Bakery IV invites people from all ages and backgrounds to join Sæbjörnsson on the dough, to ‘embody’ the imaginary and potential transformed human bodies through dough and to bake them together in the oven. Working, modelling, thinking through dough and inscribing through the body is a method to approach this theme from another angle. Just like an idea that can transform itself via discussions with a colleague or a friend, our ideas and visions can change simply by passing them through dough. Together with thinkers and doers in Berlin, The Bakery IV will host a platform for shaping equally exchangeable body parts. There seems to be a strong relationship between who we are and what we eat ​the soil and the sun are necessary to make bread, bread then becomes the body and the body becomes soil again. Thus climate change and the modification of nutrition affects our future existence. By applying a playful approach to these serious matters such as climate change, food production and health we might discover things in a new creative way. The Bakery is a platform for creativity, being playful and inventive rather than specifically focusing on just breads or merely baking. With its inventive and open structure, The Bakery IV invites Ece Pazarbaşı as the guest curator.