Bakery V, Hafnarborg

The Bakery V
Architecture - Working with Dough
Hafnarborg Art Center Iceland
22 May, 2016

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s The Bakery V takes place at The Hafnarfjördur Centre of Culture and Fine Art during the Reykjavík Art Festival. The Bakery event is in anticipation of Sæbjörnsson’s solo show in Hafnarborg. With each Bakery iteration there is an exhibition of sorts - setting the mood to get your hands dirty. The exhibition displays former posters, ‘breads’ made by former participants, and hats and aprons from previous events. The theme of the daytime open workshop entitled, “Architecture - Working With Dough” is elements of architecture. Every guest is invited to create, investigate and play with the elements of architecture such as windows, doors, roofs, steps, stairs, and walls, for example. Instead of working with a pen on paper or with computer programs such as AutoCAD used widely by architects, we’ll experiment with salt dough, making forms and baking them in the oven. This creates different and often unexpected results. Whereas AutoCAD corrects every movement of drawing into a straight vector line, dough is a real physical 3D medium. Dough has a life of its own and often distorts things rather than smoothening them out. The baked results will be become part of the fantasy world inside The Hafnarfjördur Centre of Culture and Fine Art for Sæbjörnsson’s upcoming exhibition. The architectural elements will create an adventurous life-size city with projected animations telling many stories. For The Bakery everyone is invited to create and we celebrate their participation.