Bakery VI

The Bakery VI - The Fantasy of Breads and Cakes
2 June, 2016
Icelandic Art Center's book launch "Way Over"
Egill Sæbjörnsson’s Studio
Kinzigstrasse 18, 10247 Berlin

Egill Sæbjörnsson’s The Bakery VI takes place on the occasion of the Icelandic Art Center’s dinner invitation hosted by Kinzig Studios Berlin Friedrichshain. The Bakery event will take place parallel to the catered dinner in the main shared space of the studio. The event marks a return to the very first Bakery at Egill’s studio 111 on Torstr. in Berlin Mitte – making ceramics. As with each Bakery iteration there will be an exhibition of sorts setting the mood to get your hands dirty. The exhibition displays all of the former posters, works of art such as framed drawings, and ‘breads’ made by former participants, along with hats and aprons from previous events. The theme of the evening entitled, “The Fantasy of Breads and Cakes” will be diversity. Every guest is invited to create breads and cakes out of clay. Celebrating difference as a positive, each ‘bread’ is as unique as its creator. Diversity is an important factor in society. We should value its beauty and embrace its power. As the world shrinks traditions fade away and everything becomes more unified. Nature as well is under the threat with more and more species dying. Isn’t the world a better place with different types of plants and animals? The more diversity we have the richer we are. Creativity belongs to everyone and not only the “specialists” of the art world. For The Bakery everyone is invited to create and we celebrate their participation. Everyone can find build their identity by expressing themselves and making their own things.